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Anchored Retaining Walls

No matter what kind of retaining wall project your considering -- installing a new wall, complementing other construction projects, or repairing an existing wall, Boston Retaining Wall Company has you covered.

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Anchored Retaining Wall Boston MA

What is an Anchored Retaining Wall?

Anchored retaining walls are built with metal or concrete reinforcement that is placed within the wall to provide extra support. This type of wall is often used in situations where the soil is not stable enough to support a traditional retaining wall. Anchored walls can be more expensive to build than other types of retaining walls, but they offer greater stability and strength.

Anchored retaining walls are typically made from concrete, stone, or brick. The reinforcing materials can include steel rods, cables, or plates that are embedded into the wall. These materials help to hold the wall in place and prevent it from shifting or collapsing.

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Anchored Retaining Walls
Anchored Retaining Walls 3
Anchored Retaining Walls

Why Choose an Anchored Retaining Wall?

There are several reasons why you might choose an anchored retaining wall for your property. These walls are often used in situations where the soil is not stable enough to support a traditional retaining wall. Anchored walls can also be used to support heavier loads, such as when retaining a slope that is covered in trees or other vegetation.

Another reason to choose an anchored retaining wall is for its aesthetics. These walls can be built with a variety of materials and designed to match the look of your home or landscape. When done correctly, an anchored retaining wall can add both function and beauty to your property.

If you are considering an anchored retaining wall for your property, contact Boston Retaining Walls Company today. We offer free consultations and quotes so that you can make the best decision for your needs. Call 617-944-5116 today to get started.

Advantages of Anchored Retaining Walls

  1. Increased stability – The reinforcement within the wall provides extra support, making it ideal for use in unstable soil conditions.
  2. Greater strength – The reinforced design of anchored walls makes them stronger than other types of retaining walls.
  3. Can be used in a variety of applications – Anchored walls can be used to support both vertical and horizontal loads.
  4. Long lasting – With proper maintenance, anchored retaining walls can last for many years.

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Other Considerations for Anchored Retaining Walls

  1. More expensive – The reinforced design of anchored walls makes them more expensive to build than other types of retaining walls.
  2. Requires specialized knowledge and skills – Building an anchored retaining wall requires specialized knowledge and skills. It is important to consult with a professional before undertaking this type of project.
  3. Can be difficult to repair – If an anchored wall is damaged, it can be difficult to repair. This is due to the fact that the reinforcement within the wall makes it difficult to access the damaged area.

If you are considering building an anchored retaining wall, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully. Anchored walls offer increased stability and strength, but they come at a higher cost. Consult with a professional before beginning your project to ensure that an anchored wall is the right choice for your needs. For more information on our services or to schedule a free consultation and quote, call Boston Retaining Walls Company today.

When it comes to constructing anchored retaining walls, you need the help of experts who know what they're doing. Boston Retaining Walls Company has been in business for over 25 years, and our team of experts have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. We offer a free consultation and quote, so call us today at 617-944-5116 to get started!

Anchored retaining walls are a great choice for many different projects. They offer superior stability and strength, and can be designed to match the look of your home or landscape. If you are considering an anchored retaining wall, contact Boston Retaining Walls Company today for a free consultation and quote. Call 617-944-5116 today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retaining wall is a brick, block, timber or stone wall made to prevent damage from erosion or surface runoff on an angled property or piece of land.  It may be used for residential or commercial properties to prevent water and soil from shifting and changing the landscape.

Residential retaining walls are mostly used either to design and protect gardens, or to protect basements and foundations from the effects of erosion. With enough time and rain, soil can block foundation doors and windows if not restrained by a retaining wall.

Commercial retaining walls provide functional support and aesthetic appeal to your business. When constructing a new building, retaining walls help keep construction areas level by controlling the grading.

Most retaining walls are created by interlocking blocks made from brick or stone, while some are made from poured concrete or wood.

There are immeasurable permutations and combinations for your commercial retaining wall or residential retaining wall. Different sizes, different colors and different materials. Walls themselves may be anywhere from one foot tall to several feet tall. Ask our contractors for details about customizing a retaining wall design for your property. Call Boston Retaining Wall Company today on 617-944-5116.

Yes! Masonry contractors and landscapers can find creative and sensational ways to incorporate your retaining wall into your landscape design. Many retaining walls can create a garden terrace in your yard or form the backdrop to a pond or patio area.

This will depend on the size and scope of the project, and whether it’s residential or commercial. It could take just a day or two, or up to a couple of weeks or more.

Yes, there are many colors and styles available for retaining wall bricks and blocks!

Stone & brick retaining walls have been known to last for decades. Some soil types and weather conditions weaken retaining walls over time, though when professionally built and maintained they should not have any issues.

Yes, a professional contractor is always better for building your retaining walls. When installing retaining walls, a sturdy foundation has to be established beneath the site of the walls. A professional will keep your retaining wall level, accounting for changes in soil conditions so your wall does not appear uneven or lopsided. Also stone and brick blocks can be weighty, making them difficult to move and place without prior experience or the correct equipment. Leave it to the professionals at Boston Retaining Wall Company. Call today on 617-944-5116!

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